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MRC Welcomes, Karen Gottlieb. Now Accepting Clients Seeking Help With Depression, Anxiety, Healing

MRC is pleased to have Karen Gottlieb join our group. She offers yet another important specialty to more effectively meet the needs of our clients. Karen has extensive experience working with survivors of various types of trauma and helping them heal. She draws from many different empirically supported techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Dialectical Behavior Therapies and Brain Spotting. Karen also specializes in treating depression and other mood disorders, anxiety and helping people cope and adjust to a variety of life stressors. Karen works with clients from adolescence to adulthood and offers a wide range of appointment times.

"I truly love my work and am driven by my desire to help people make positive change in their lives. Asking for help is difficult and I honor the strength and courage it takes to do so. I create an environment of safety, trust and non-judgement, which are essential elements for authentic healing and transformation to occur. My therapeutic style is supportive, authentic and collaborative. I believe, regardless of one's life circumstances, we all possess resilience, hope and possibility.​

Together we will explore ways to navigate life's challenges while gaining insight and self-awareness. As each of us have unique life experiences and our own worldview, I will work with you to create a treatment plan and approach that is tailored to your needs and well-being.​

My therapeutic approach is grounded in humanistic, strength-based and solution-focused modalities. I will integrate, among other techniques, mindfulness practices, cognitive behavioral principles and trauma-focused strategies such as brain spotting throughout our work. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, I would be honored to join you on your healing journey.​"

Karen can be reached at (314) 283-5927 and

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