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Joe Greco



I am a master's trained psychotherapist who believes in the power and importance of interpersonal relationships and the empowerment/trust of the self.  I bring a challenging, yet empathic, supportive, engaging and safe approach to psychotherapy.  

I provide therapy to adults and adolescents to treat issues including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship/marital issues, stress management and anger management.
My approach draws from a number of empirically supported treatment approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, internal family systems, dialectical behavior therapy, psychodynamic and solution focused therapy.
If you are seeking to alleviate emotional distress, make behavior changes, increase autonomy and/or seeking greater self understanding/acceptance, feel free to contact me. 

Joe can be reached at (414) 975-8106 or

Erica profile.jpeg
Erica Browne



I received my M.S. in Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mount Mary University. I provide therapy to young people, adults, and postpartum parents who are struggling to adjust to life transitions and/or experiencing anxiety and depression. I also work with folks who are challenged by addictions or have a history of sexual abuse, assault or other traumatic experiences. I believe positive, supportive relationships are central to our individual and collective healing. I offer a collaborative, validating, judgement-free space to safely explore who you are becoming and meant to be.

I utilize multiple therapeutic modalities to support mental health and wellbeing. Talk therapy
 works well for some and others find creative approaches more beneficial. I specialize in trauma processing through art therapy techniques. Making art connects with areas of the brain that store traumatic experiences, where our language centers are blocked. Art therapy is used to communicate when words cannot. You do not need to be an artist to try art therapy

Erica can be reached at (323) 332-1196 and

Our Therapists

Marc Resume Photo.png
Marc Caron


I am a licensed therapist with a master's in Clinical Psychology, and I have been treating adults, adolescents, and their families for the last 7 years. Throughout that time, my greatest strength has always been the ability to build a strong therapeutic relationship that relies on mutual understanding, respect, and, most importantly, a great sense of humor.
Interacting with others and guiding them to discover new ways of thinking about and approaching their concerns is one of my greatest passions in life. It is my belief that altering our perceptions and thought processes is the key to changing our state of mind. I am passionate about working with clients to find the silver lining in all things to alleviate the stressors we all find ourselves facing in everyday life. 

I strive to produce a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to provide therapy to adults and adolescents to treat any presenting concerns including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship/marital issues, stress management, anger management, substance use and addiction.
I customize my approach to therapy based on each individual client and what is most comfortable and appropriate for them. I am trained in a variety of empirically supported treatment approaches including acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and psychodynamic therapy.
Whether we work together for a few weeks, months, or years my goal is always to empower clients with the tools to tackle life's challenges in new ways with a fresh and balanced perspective. I offer morning, afternoon, and late evening appointments to help accommodate your busy schedule. I look forward to working with you!
I can be reached at (262) 770-5470 and


Kathy Del Rio


Hi! My name is Kathy Del Rio, Psychotherapist for 20 +yrs., using counseling theories, such as Cognitive-Behaviorial, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness, and Rational Emotive therapies. Drawing on both personal and professional experience I have a unique ability to talk about the complexities of our mind and emotions from empathy, and understanding with compassion.

Many individuals seek professional guidance for various reasons related to their feelings, thoughts, difficulty with life changes and stressors, a loss, death, or ending of a relationship, as well as important issues that have been on their minds. Often feelings of guilt, shame, anger, or self doubt may result in a cyclical pattern w/ feelings of being “stuck.” In some situations it’s not enough to talk over the issues with family members or friends. Seeking a new perspective from an objective professional is a means to allow oneself to be curious, to develop more insight, and to learn that the resolutions reside within themselves.

It is my opinion that most people are willing & motivated to explore the wealth of resources available to everyone that can help navigate life from a position of empowerment and awareness. My ability to listen, understand, and offer a new refreshing perspective is a perfect match to clients who can open their minds to this possibility.


I can be reached at (401) 450-4878 and

Mandy Hanna


As a therapist, I believe in using the idea of a collaborative partnership to help you create the life you want. I believe in empowerment to help you gain insight and explore the things that may be keeping you stuck or left feeling unfulfilled. I strongly value the power of a therapeutic relationship and my goal is to help guide and support you in achieving self-satisfaction and acceptance.

My approach is client-centered and insight oriented. I use mindfulness as a therapuetic tool and believe in the power of self-care for the mind and body. Working together to understand how stress, trauma, and negative life events impact the mind-body connection can assist us in your healing process.

If you are seeking therapy to create more ease and joy in daily life, decrease stress and increase self-awareness and identity, feel free to contact me. I offer late afternoon, evening and Saturday appointments to help accommodate scheduling needs.

I can be reached at (608) 239-3975 and

Susan Jost Bio Pic.jpg
Susan Jost



I am a master’s level psychotherapist with a uniquely varied background, including a legal education and training and experience in mindfulness meditation and energy medicine.  Helping others on their healing path is a calling for me and I feel humbled and honored to be able to do this work.
Drawing from person-centered, strengths-based, as well as cognitive theories, I believe in the power of self-actualization and self-compassion, and the importance of a warm and trusting therapeutic relationship.  As a mind-body-spirit practitioner, my approach is holistic and mindfulness is a cornerstone in my practice.  I also utilize EMDR to help clients process trauma and resolve deep-seated negative thought patterns.  Along with traditional methods, I often incorporate integrative modalities, including energy psychology, and techniques from yoga, qigong, and five elements Chinese medicine.  

I work with adults to help manage and overcome anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self-esteem issues, chronic illness, grief, women’s issues, and trauma.  My goal is to create a collaborative environment where my client feels heard, validated, and inspired.   The decision to seek psychotherapy is a brave one.  You may have endured a great deal to bring you to this point.  I am here to honor that and to help lead you towards a less stressful and more joyful life.


BIPOC and LGBTQ+ ally.

I can be reached at 503-329-1431 or


Lindsay Kinateder


I hope to walk with you on your journey whether for a couple months or a couple of years while sorting through the different topics you bring to session. I am here to support you and assist you with developing coping skills to deal with real life challenges. I have experience working with all different types of mental health concerns and if you choose to work with me I will do my best to meet you where you are at. I do not discriminate and hope to have a diverse caseload of different age ranges, races and sexual orientations.

The approaches I typically use are holistic in nature focusing on the entire person and the environment surrounding them. I want to explore what type of therapy is best for you. It is always important to value self-care while working on collective goals and aspirations for your continued success.

I would like to work with individuals, families, and couples. Processing processing both internal and external conflicts and emotion regulation is where my experience has been. Your care and desired treatment is what is most important to me.

I can be reached at (920) 253-9653 and

Andrea Knuth

M.Ed., LPC

Sometimes life gets hard and we just want someone to listen and help guide us through in the healthiest and safest way possible. I am a psychotherapist who has done just that for many clients in the 15 plus years I have been in practice.  My first priority is to help you feel safe and comfortable in working with me.

I am an eclectic therapist that uses different techniques and modalities because I believe every client’s needs are individualized. I am a laid-back therapist that can bring humor into session when appropriate but I am also able to be direct in what I see and what I feel the best treatment needs are. I ultimately want my clients to come out of therapy having learned something about themselves and have tools needed to reach their goals.  

I have worked in a child and adolescent day treatment center for 7 years and then I was an outpatient therapist in a large healthcare organization for 10 years working with children, adolescents and adults. I enjoy working with clients with depression, relationship issues, grief, self-esteem and transition difficulties. I have vast knowledge in working with clients with general anxiety, social anxiety, and OCD. I’d love to chat and see I am a good fit for you to help guide you through your journey. 

You can reach me by phone: 414-246-8641 or by email:

Madeline Ling



It is a great privilege to join you on your journey in therapy. I was drawn to the field of counseling by a passion to help others through self-empowerment and developing greater insight. My aim is to make a space for you to feel empowered to process and create the change you hope to see in your life. 


I have experience working with adolescents and adults with depression, anxiety,  relationship concerns, trauma, as well as major life transitions. I have a warm and caring approach with my clients, and I value their personal preferences in the therapy experience. 


My practice is rooted in strengths-based and solutions-focused techniques, pulling from modalities such as cognitive-behavioral and humanistic/person-centered therapies. My approach really boils down to the relationship I have with my client — rooted in respect and empathy with a healthy dose of humor and relatability.


I look forward to working with you to add more joy in your daily life and increase insight. I offer morning, afternoon, and early evening appointments to help accommodate your schedule. I look forward to joining you on your journey to healing and self-empowerment.

I can be reached at (414) 600-9234 and


Emily Michaels


In a world filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, suffering and succeeding, we experience continuous change throughout our lives whether we are ready for it or not. Sometimes the roller coaster of life catches us off guard and we may feel unprepared to handle change. Other times we see the ups and downs coming from a mile away, and we may run from it because it’s something new and undiscovered. I want to be there to help you process through whatever changes, struggles, or successes you are experiencing, to help you grow and become someone you feel comfortable and confident being. During our time together, I want to build on your strengths, provide you with education and resources on how to take care of yourself and your mental health, and help you work through whatever difficulties you’re experiencing. As we walk through this journey together, I’ll be the one learning from you because no one knows yourself better than you do! Whatever concern you come to me with, I want you to know that I am here to give you a safe and supportive space for you to share your experience with me.

I have extensive experience working with diverse populations from a variety of multicultural backgrounds, ages, and gender and sexual orientations. I specialize in a variety of diagnoses including Mood and Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders, and Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders. I use an eclectic approach that pulls from a strength-based trauma-informed care model that utilizes techniques from individual, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and when working with younger clients, play therapy. I also apply mindfulness while looking at the complete picture to come from a perspective of overall wellness, where together we’ll discover a path that works best for you.


I can be reached at  262-374-5956 or

M_Pancy Bio pic.jpeg
Mariann Pancy


“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.”

  • Buddha


Sometime life throws us a curveball, or we encounter challenges that make us feel overwhelmed. The complexities of certain relationships in our lives may be very challenging as well. There are times when we can feel that we are not being heard. 


Therapy can help us navigate where we are and where we want to go.  It can also guide us in our journey of discovering who we are and who we want to be.  My therapy style focuses on the mind-body connection and problem solving skills.  I believe in empowering the individual to explore solutions to their challenges.  Together we can find positive alternatives to unproductive coping skills by exploring negative thought patterns, core values, and outdated belief systems that no longer serve your forward motion.


After working in a hospital setting for 15 years, I decided to return to school at UW- Milwaukee to become a licensed therapist. During this journey of self -discovery, I also became a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga instructor and Reiki Energy Healer. 


My strengths lie in how the brain works regarding mental wellbeing and I’m well versed in psychopharmacology as well as Mindfulness. I also employ Cognitive Behavioral Treatment, Attachment Theory and Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy to help manage depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety disorder, grief and bereavement, attachment injuries as well as relationship and career challenges and, of course those occasional mental “tune-ups” that we all need every now and then.


 My focus population is adults, older adolescents, couples and the LGBTQA+ community.  My personal style is warm, empathic and non-judgmental.  I look forward to meeting you.


I can be reached at 414-241-1813 and

Nick Wiesmueller

You may have spent many hours talking about problems and speculating on solutions and, while this has been supportive, you may feel like fundamentally the problems have not shifted. We will work collaboratively and use somatic and mindfulness-based modalities to understand and heal the roots of the distress. By accessing the body as an ally, we can restore connections which may have gone missing long ago. Healing internal connections to our bodies and our true selves also allows us to love more fully.

 I am a pre-licensed professional working toward my master’s degree in counseling at Lakeland University. This is a second career that represents the completion of a life-long goal to enter the healing profession. I have experience working with adolescents and adults with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and substance use. I have just completed the final year of the three-year Somatic Experiencing (SE) training program. I am also an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher.

 Together we can work with distress from a somatic perspective. Our work will focus on enhancing your resilience, building greater capacity for life’s challenges. We will work to heal the disconnection that you may feel from yourself by accessing true self-compassion, curiosity, confidence, courage, and resilience. Through our work all parts of you are welcomed into a space of non-judgmental awareness. The combination of mindfulness with somatic interventions may allow you to experience a previously unknown realm of possibilities resulting in long-lasting therapeutic change.

I provide therapy to adults and adolescents experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, and trauma. I strive to provide a collaborative environment for you to meet your goals, relieve distress, find insight, and decrease stress and I look forward to our journey together.

I can be reached at (414) 554-0163 and

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