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Online Therapy Available to Meet Increasing Need for Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

Walking into a therapist's office for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience for some. Being on camera for online video calls can also be a difficult experience for others. What's the net effect when you combine them? It may not be an ideal circumstance, but online based therapies offer real solutions to many of today's barriers to seeking therapy. Such as, the difficulties many face in finding an available therapist in their area. Particularly one that has availability that works for them and is conveniently located.

Recent increases in rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions are creating a demand for therapy that is difficult to meet. Limited therapist availability is only one part of the equation, but online therapies offer one portion of a multifaceted solution.

In person interactions between a client and therapist are always the preferred scenario. However, when the choice is often between in-person therapy and none at all, online therapies offer an important option for those who would otherwise go without help. Online therapies with a licensed mental health professional can incorporate proven, evidence based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat conditions like depression and/or anxiety, as well as a venue to still process stressors, other emotions and forge a positive and healing relationship with a therapist.

Many Roads Clinic offers online therapy for those that may need the convenience and flexibility of such services. Please contact us here for questions and/or scheduling.

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