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MRC Welcomes Miriah King

We are very excited to announce the addition of psychotherapist Miriah King to our group. She brings a warm and personable approach to therapy, offering a specialty of art therapy and in treating post traumatic stress disorder and trauma. Miriah has flexible scheduling options and works with children, adolescents and adults of all ages.

"Helping others is both a personal and professional passion. I believe in the commitment and power of personal growth and healing through beneficial and accessible mental health services. Client centered care and individualized treatment is a key factor in helping individuals navigate their healing journey around a variety of personal goals. I believe in developing a strong rapport with my clients to ensure safety and a worthwhile therapeutic experience. I am a Master's level trained and licensed Psychotherapist and Art Therapist and specialize in Art Therapy clinical services as an alternative form of healing and emotional expression.

Talk therapy allows for an open and communicative dialogue, while Art Therapy encourages emotional recognition and communication through creative expression.

Talk therapy and/or Art Therapy support individuals in attaining personal healing goals associated with but not limited to; depression, anxiety, mood disorders, Eating Disorders, Trauma and PTSD, stress management, healthy coping and grounding, suicidal ideation, relationship and interpersonal growth, behavior management and transformation and/or developmental delays."

Miriah can be reached (859) 321-1015 or at for questions or scheduling. Miriah also offers online scheduling options. Click here to schedule an appointment with Miriah.

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