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MRC Welcomes Brian Larsen

MRC continues to grow and we are again excited to announce the addition of another excellent therapist to the group, Brian Larsen. Brian brings a unique and important specialty to the group, providing specialized care to those with chronic or terminal illness, chronic pain, dementia and/or cognitive disorders. He also works with a wide range of clients from adolescents to adults, even our elder populations. Brian offers evening hours to help meet the needs of our clients with busy schedules.

" I am a licensed psychotherapist that uses evidence-based therapy practices to help individuals create change through providing tools and growing awareness to help you live a fully engaged life. A individual often has the basic tools to achieve some change and awareness. My therapeutic approach will help the person reach a much deeper understanding about themselves and how they move through the world. I treat a range of disorders including depression, anxiety, relationships issues, and life transition.​

Anxiety is such a normal part of our life and often useful. With that being said our world is changing rapidly, leading to an increase in symptoms. My clinical interest and expertise is dealing with various forms of anxiety. I use a combination of therapeutic approaches to control symptoms and produce lasting change.​

I have a strong history working with medical issues such as cancer, dementia, neurological disorders, chronic pain, cognitive disorders, and chronic medical diagnosis. Anxiety and depression can be such a common part of the above mentioned issues that psychotherapy can often make the difference for that individual."

Brian can be reached at (773) 910-6003 or at for questions or scheduling.

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